If you keep visualizing a being that matches you perfectly but believe you are unworthy to be loved by a perfect partner who matches me, then you'll manifest that. Eventually, you feel an underlying contraction arise when you are taking your dreams to the next level. It becomes unbelievable. You're taking the frequency to the edge. That's why it's a good practice to imagine feeling really good. Conjure up that state of feeling really good about life itself. And that brightness will cast shadows you didn't notice before. Then you may lose it all again. That's why we have to look at our basic context, assumptions, and expectations. This is the contextual work. What are you expecting for yourself? Bentinho Massaro

Worthiness is not an option. Already free. Already powerful. Already here. Already worthy. Already everything you can be. This is your planet. Now enjoy it. Start having some fun. This is your creation. This is your life. This is what you came here for. This is why you are here. - Bentinho Massaro