i lied

and you know i did.


the moment your transmission appeared

in my hand

i pushed back on my truth

to present less self-interested


who am i to ask for what is not mine?

how was i to know i'd plunge?


a kind of fall without even wings

to land so securely upon a devotion

unforeseen and sincere


it's real, you know?

the mine that is yours

and the yours that is mine.


it's not a pretend codification.

that's not how i see it, anyway 

it's more like a braiding:

fated strands that can only cohere with the other


but, i get it.

i do:

your delicacy so refined

it was only a matter of time.


so i stand here pleased

and, for you.

with an endless unrestricted affection.


it is.

and that is all it can be.